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Who we are

We are an organization that puts the welfare of children at the heart of everything we do. 

What we do

We respond to the educational needs of our beneficiaries by supporting them with essential resources. 

Where we work

We commit our team of professionals to work everywhere in the world in partnership with child rights organizations to provide infinite  chances to maintain quality education for our youth. 

Our Programs

Children Robotic & Coding


PIC ME STEAM program introduce Liberian students to the world of information technology. The program is designed to give students the skill in mechanics, electronics, and software technology. The STEAM program give Liberian students the opportunity to build computers and learn how to code. Students build a working computer from blueprint. This program teach students to build hardware and connect circuitry. Students can code art, hack games, build app, data visuals, songs, and stories. Students will develop critical thinking and growth mindset by connecting hardware to complete mission. Students will also develop confidence in working with electronic by assembling the computer kit and connecting components to build controllers. Student will learn the fundamental of coding and transition to coding.  This program encourages engineering, design, circuitry, coding, hardware building, motor skills, and problem solving. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your child skills, register your child  for the 2019 summer program.

Pack for Success


Christmas Jamboree


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